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Dexter! aka Greatest Show Ever

July 1, 2011

I woke up this morning super excited because my dad brought home season 3 of Dexter for me and Jake to watch.  We love this show! The basic synopsis of it (without spoiling it) is a the main character, Dexter, witnessed his mother being murdered at the age of 3.  This made him obsessed with blood and turned him into a serial killer…. but he only kills people who got away with murder, so its ok right?  Ill leave that for you to decide but the reason I lov the show is because of its many many many twists and turns.

Twists and turns can often be entertaining to watch but when you have to live these “entertaining” occurances, things aren’t as fun.  When your life takes a turn for the worst, one thing that stays constant and in control is God. So next time your watching Dexter, or your life has a twist, keep Jesus in control and dont try to live through it by yourself. #winning


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  1. Saw the finali…Joey loves this show too.

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