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Tyler Thellman? Or Samson?

March 16, 2011


This blog is going out to my fellow teammate and his nice hair style!  He once used to be like me- a young attractive male with the only thing missing being a nice head if hair.  That all has changed now that he has beautiful, almost 24k gold, long hair.  I could go into details about his new hair but hey, a picture tells 1000 words! And good thing too because I don’t feel like typing 1000 words!
Judges 14 talks about a guy named samson.  You are more than welcome to read it but its a little lenghthy.  Bottom line, dude is like superman with long hair and like pee wee herman with it short.  My boy Thellman reminded me of sampson with his long hair.  He looks solid in the cage and like #hanleyramerize in the field.  Keep that hair going so we can win states baby!!


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One Comment
  1. Tyler Thellman permalink

    !!! I love man!! long hair dont care..#godbless

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