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Not Just a Sweet Number

March 11, 2011

The baseball season just started this Monday (although that hasn’t stopped us from practicing since January) and I can feel the tension building up as the season gets underway.  We should be a solid team this year and plan to win it all! But enough with the fact that we are a ballin’ team this year, I want to talk about the number I chose for this years season. Trust me, I could write 500 blogs on how awesome our team is this year… but onto the number I chose! 31 was the number I picked but not just because 31 is a sweet number.  I chose it because that particular number means a lot to me.  When I was a young lad I was a member of Trinity Lutheran Church.  So being a kid who never stopped asking questions, I asked my mother what the Trinity was.  Now I’m not going to even try to explain it in great detail because people go to school to study it and all I had was my mom!  Basically, it means that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are all God!  Hence the number 3-1… three in one!

Now being a teenager, it is extremely important to set “reminders” of your faith around you.  With all the temptation around us it is sometimes very difficult stay on the path towards Jesus Christ.  Especially in baseball when if your really good, you still fail at batting 60% of the time.  Sometimes it gets frustrating and you start to lose sight of who you are playing for (God obviously).  The same thing happens when you are having a great game.  We start to feel on top of the world and  lose sight of God, but trust me; it is a far fall from the top when you strike out every time the next game.  Keep reminders around you to help you stay on the path towards Jesus!


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